Advisors Ignite USA has created the first mobile APP for agents working with IMO’s. You’ve now got an advertising agency in the palm of your hands! Over 60 resources that are personalized coming from you to your prospects! This is a gamechanger!

Mobile App Features

  • Your very own CRM right in the palm of your hands on your smart phone.

  • A library of over 60 resources including sales videos to send to prospects.

  • Comprehesive training videos for AIUSA’s marketing programs and Marketing reimbursement.

  • A personalized digital business with your picture on contact information. This card also includes QR code for downloading and a “CLICK HERE TO BUILD YOUR ANNUITY” feature.

  • An algorithm that tracks your prospects activities and sends you alerts.

  • Daily push notifications from AIUSA on products, contest winners & sales success stories.

  • This app was designed to nurture people you have had contact with in the past, (seminar attendees, educational workshop attendees, or responders to direct mail) what we refer to as prospects.
  • It is not designed for you to upload lists of people you have never spoken to.

Advisors Ignite Mobile App Agreement

AIUSA has created a mobile app to assist our financial professionals with following up with prospects and closing more sales. We have spent an enormous amount of time and money creating this app. We also pay a monthly per user fee. We say that to say; we want to provide this app to you for free, but we need it to be a reciprocal relationship. If the app is helping you, we feel we have earned that business.  Hope you agree.

By checking the box below, you agree to the following:

  1. Contract with at least 2 of our core-carriers, Allianz, American Equity, Athene, F&G, SILAC
  2. Any business you generate from our marketing systems, or our app will be placed with AIUSA.
  3. If you are not contracted within 30 days from today, access will be terminated.
  4. If contracted we require at least one application a month, a 30 day grace period will be granted.

    When you agree to the terms you will be re-directed to the app download page.